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2013 Calendar
2011 Jan; 2 litters born
Feb: March Home with pups
April: Trip to Slovakia FCI Show
Vinnys 50th Seeing Beach Boys
May: Judged showed pups ABI dog show
Brothers wedding VA
Attended Anti Puppymill rally
June: Brothers reception
Judged JRS UKC
Judged JRS ABI
Became a Zumba Instructor
July:My b day saw Transformers IMAX
Judging All breed ABI
Showing UKC, Pool Party Bros, Golf lessons,Boat Cruise buffalo, Drive in Movie, BootCamp
August: Zumba UKC ABI Disco
Sept: Possible pups then teaching Zumba

Jeannine De Palma

New website

by Jeannine DePalma on 07/08/11

Please check back as we update thanks jeannine

Join the Party Zumba
2012 Jan; 1 litter born
Vinny Got Diabates
Feb: March Home with pups
April: NC judging Seminar
Vinnys 50th Seeing Beach Boys
May: Bolton Concert
Became a Dog Trainer
June: Grp 1 One Primo New Grand Champion
UKC Premier Total dog Won FF primo
FF Wins 4th year of Top Ten
Dog training Seminars testing
July: Re Dog CGC Testing Passed
August: Pups Born
All Summer Judging Rally ABI
Sept: Start Teaching zumba

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